Noi6 means "the 6 of us" in Romanian.

We are five, you are the sixth one.

We thank you for joining us in our trip around the world...


We are a family of five from upstate New York. We are Romanians who moved in United States in 1997, when Maria was 2 and a half and Ileana was 3 months old. Ioan was born in St. Louis in 1999. Two of us have the same name but there is never any confusion, until there is, and then it's funny. Throughout this blog there should be different ways to differentiate between Ileana (the mother) and Ileana (the daughter).

Ioan - left when he was 11 and returned home 13. He had birthdays in Lhasa and Dahab.

Ileana - left when she was 14 and spent her 15th birthday in Christchurch, New Zealand

Maria - spent her 17th birthday at Taj Mahal and her 18th in Bucharest, Romania

Ileana Ruxandra - mom

Mihai - dad