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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Birthday

To me, my birthday felt like any other day. Not very special. Maybe without the excitement of having all your best friends over, playing your favorite games together, getting a big chocolate cake, and unwrapping lots of presents. It isn't the day you look forward to for a full month. Sadly most of the above aren't possible here in Egypt. Friends are back at school in America or Romania, therefore we can't play all those games together, big chocolate cakes aren't found easily in Egypt, and traveling with as few things as possible means our bags don't have room for a present. Unless its a iPod/iPhone/iPad mini. But I already have an iPod so I don't need another one.
When everyone wakes up one by one, they tell me "Happy Birthday!" Instead of cake I got meringues. I gladly accepted them. While going down to my regular breakfast, I made a little rhyme: "Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. I am 103, without the zero in between."
Good morning and Happy Birthday! here is your present...

We ate breakfast (the hotel didn't know it was my Birthday) and we talked a bit, then we played a short game. All this (plus waking up late) - it was already 12:30.

I went downstairs to use the Internet and at 2 my head was hurting so I went back upstairs and took a break. I washed my face and then I stayed in bed. At around 2:40, feeling better, I went down again.

Making an effort to feel better
My head started hurting more and more, but I wanted to do a few last things. At 3:30 I went upstairs and stayed the rest of the day in bed, SICK. With a raging headache. The kind which explodes through your upper head with each step you take. I felt cold, I was weak and tired, I wanted to sleep, but my family was turning on the lights and kept coming to check on me. My parents wanted to force feed me and I didn't want any food.
The sky on my birthday

We ran out of water, but everybody sacrificed their last drops for me. I fell asleep many times, eventually I just retired for the night. I managed to swallow two halves of some pill that my father wanted me to take. Talk about chocolate cake!
A couple days later I was able to enjoy my present!

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  1. Ioan, Sick on your birthday, no fun! :( I'm glad you were eventually feeling better though and got to enjoy those meringues! :) Were they tasty?

    Mary Ellen


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