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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Italy in Haiku

Italy; haikus.
(I need to write about it,
And prose behaved not.)

Wrote this post before.
Did not work at all. Into
The breach once again.

Milano's Duomo. 
Building since one three six four.
Samsung ads on walls.

Goofed around on rails.
Took photographs one and all.
Laughed till stomachs hurt.

(On the train whooshing
Past the countryside, playing
On electronics)

In Torino, met
with penpals— Federica,
A nice friendly girl

Her mom, Maria
Rosa, guided us around
This superb city.

(Eyelash in my eye
Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!
Couldn't get it out.)

Florence next, full of 
RAIN. Walked around in raincoats,
All day every day.

Statues, paintings, ceilings, WOW.
They all come alive.)

Then Venice, full of…
Pigeons! Eat out of your hand,
Cooing and preening.

Canals, with people
Pushing gondolas past us,
Frosty winter air.

Next, near Napoli,
Greek ruins; superstitious
Romans preserved them.

(Stayed up late to write
NaNoWriMo [LINK HERE] has arrived!
Sore fingers; HAPPY)

Pompeii, destroyed by
Mt. Vesuvius— walls still
Here, mosaics too.

Same story as Pompeii— but
Rich people lived here.

Capri: amazing
Coastline, scenery, and caves
Blue Grotto was closed.

Napoli: Dirty.
Like India but with tons
Of dead umbrellas.

Napoli pizza.
Not the best, not the worst— good.
Pizza boxes pile.

Vatican City:
Long, long line, wrote postcards near
St. Paul's Cathedral.

Sistine Chapel, a
3-D experience not-to-
Be-missed. Like, ever.

Rome's Colosseum
Cruel, needless torture… ugh.
Skulls of innocents.

Many other things
But my rhyming's broken… oops!
Other posts are here:

Thank you for reading!
Haikus are hard, but I tried.
(It's better than prose!)

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