Noi6 means "the 6 of us" in Romanian.

We are five, you are the sixth one.

We thank you for joining us in our trip around the world...

Saturday, May 15, 2010


We had an interesting discussion about secrecy and in particular about keeping this plan secret. We agreed that the only right way to go about this would be to let our parents/grandparents know first and only after that start to freely talk about it. We have no idea how people would take it, we expect the whole range of reactions possible, but especially in the case of our families we would expect a lot of questions. So we have to let them know in person and this will happen during our winter vacation in Romania.

Considering the nature of my work I will let my director know first as soon as possible and then we will work together toward a plan for my replacement. The sooner people know the better, but I think that 6 months should be enough. After that all our friends would be informed. I hope they will all understand that we had to keep this secret for a while.

The children asked various questions about this topic but in the end we think that they understood. So far they've been really good about this, it doesn't even seem to be much effort and this is a very impressive sign of their maturity.
A couple of months ago at the church, Father Daniel asked us "Are you still going on the trip?" My answer was: "Of course, we will let you know when, we don't know for sure yet!" Maria witnessed this and asked when we got in the car: "How come we have to keep it secret and the Father knows?" We explained that almost a year ago, just a couple of days after Ileana and I talked about this and decided to do it, Ileana mentioned it to him. Then we agreed that it's too early to really talk about it and never mentioned it again to anybody outside our house. But then in September 2009,  Ioana, my cousin, asked about our round the world trip. We were shocked "How could she know?" It turns out that we talked about it five years ago! We answered in a similar manner... Are there other people that we talked with about this?

It will be exciting to break the news to everybody but for now it remains our secret.

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