Noi6 means "the 6 of us" in Romanian.

We are five, you are the sixth one.

We thank you for joining us in our trip around the world...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day One

It's now 10 pm and we are settled in the motel room. We were here before, Ileana didn't like the beds. We looked for something different and still ended up here. We took our chances with room 39 this time.
So this was the first day. It was exhausting. I imagined a slow, boring day until 1-2 pm when we'd go pick up the rental car and then leisurely drive toward the airport. No such thing. It turns out that putting the house on hold for a year is a pretty big business, cleaning everything, emptying all the cupboards, covering all the furniture, washing everything. Ileana had us all open the luggages, take everything out and then put it back, many questions and explanations and a few more problems to solve. We ended up leaving at 4.41 pm. Thanks to our best friends it all got done. Driving in the dark rain, away from home wasn't that much fun. We made it, we left and it's real and I don't even know how it feels.

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