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We are five, you are the sixth one.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Japan by Ioan

We have arrived in Osaka after a 14 hour plane ride of which 3 I slept.we waited for dad to find train tickets.and we took two hour train ride.and arrived at the train station and me and Maria raced at a jogging pace which was a tie.Maria usually faster had the disadvantage she had the 20 pound bag and I had the 10 pound bag. (we both slept 3 hours)
We met the person who owns the apartment and we got here!!!

(a couple days later)
We bought some deer food at the wrong place because there were a lot of deer right where we bought it. Maria who had taken the package was surrounded by deer and I stepped out of the horde and saw a deer eating a part of a student thin transparent coat made out of plastic(it was raining lightly and there were a lot of students)so I didn't go back to feed them but then I saw that that was only once and started petting them and then one nice person gave me some of the deer food to feed the amazing deer.(we saw the biggest Buddha in Japan) 29th October PRESENTS: we looked at the city and went to the fish market which had some cool fish and some disgusting ones(fish isn't my favorite)but it was pretty cool in the end then we looked through the city and found a apple store(where i wanted to stay longer)it was cool to see computers the size of a tv.As we left we saw a line waiting for the iPhone the line had at least 60 people. Then we went to meet some friends and to a park.the park was ok I didn't look at it much because I was talking with our friends then we went to a restaurant where I eat a pizza (which was great) and a food which had vanilla ice cream chocolate powder and I think some brownies I thought it was a le-crépe but it was actually pizza crust and it tasted great!(there is a normal version under)5:00 am we leave Tokyo in an hour then go with the subway until the air port and fly for four hours and take a taxi for around an hour and arrive and stay

Today was awesome!!! but before I say that I'm sorry to say you won't get every day that happens out of me because I don't really have time to write everyday(for instance while I was writing I had to clean the table so we could eat)
back to TODAY WAS AWESOME we went to Nara I don't know exactly where but it was awesome there where deer everywhere the picture on the right is taken from my iPod but what I liked was petting them.

30th oct.We met our friends again today and hiked a mountain we talked mostly again then after that we went to the beach for around twenty minutes because it started raining as we went on the streets I saw a lot of hawks I tried greatly to catch one in mod air with a camera I failed. In these days I've been trying to find some yen coins on the ground and I found one around three days ago it was one yen but it was a yen. Anyway back to today we went to another restaurant I ate some spaghetti we played the alphabet picnic and got to FOURTY LETTERS and it took us around 40 minutes!
1st Nov mostly break day for my sisters they woke up at 1:00AM while yesterday we stayed mostly at home because of nano(Maria has probably explained this) but we went to this building which had museums of architecture and how future Japan was supposed to be. It was really cool! But I have to finish Nov.4th today(actually 11/4/11 6:34 PM)
2nd November Says BYE BYE JAPAN
Please read my next blog china

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