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Monday, February 6, 2012


We arrive to Cambodia's small airport in Siem Reap where there were only two planes (including ours). The entrance to Cambodia was fairly simple we took our visa applications, filled them out and handed them in to be checked, and after that we left the airport taking two tuk tuks to our hotel.

These tuk tuks are very different from the ones in India. In India you would have three seats in the back in which we got on each others lap. Now we have three seats in the back and two in the front. But because we had our bags, we had to take two.
When we arrived at the hotel we went to our electronics for most of the day, except that we slept four hours, ate lunch,and dinner.
The next day we had the morning off and ate pancakes for breakfast (well, at least us kids did) and I was driven to boredom from playing the games on my iPod and Maria not giving me the computer(because she has to finish all of her super overachiever self-set goals). I went to the pool alone where I discovered how to work the jacuzzi. After about half an hour I came back to the room to find mom and dad also dressed for the pool. Too late. I had already finished with the pool. So in the end I was the only person who went to the pool that day. After that we ate and left for the museum which was about Cambodian art and the Khmer empire.
The next day we bought the three day tickets for visiting any of the temples that were there. We began day one at the Bayon temple which was very special for some reason. Throughout the day we visited numerous temples and returned very tired, with sore feet.
The numerous temples continued the second (fourth day of Cambodia) day too. The temples were very nice, lots of details. Every now and then there would be these rows of sculptures of either elephants, humans, horse men, and some dragon/lions. Sometimes the humans would be slaves and sometimes they would be warriors or horse warriors and the elephants were sometimes attacking and sometimes peaceful.
Last of all that day was Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat had many things that other temples didn't have. For instance the outside of the temple walls, not the huge walls of the moat those are too big, but the ones which hold the temple, had sculptures telling a story of two great generals fighting to win something or the gods attacking humans or each-other. And on the inside was also very nice, there were a lot of sculptures, but the tower which allowed you to see the grounds of Angkor Wat were closed for cleaning. We happily decided not to stay for sunset, as we were too tired.
The next day was our break day of the temple days. We gladly stayed home but when we went out to eat that night and we had a fish massage, it was wonderful. One dollar for one hour per person. There were three tanks, one was to ticklish, one was to pinchy, and one was juuuuuuussssssst right.
On the third day of visiting temples we revisited Bayon and then we went one hour with the tuk-tuk to visit a temple, after that another hour back to Angkor Wat where we visited the tower where the view up there was amazing, the line to get up there was also amazing. Having re-seen Bayon and Angkor Wat we happily finished that day.
On the second to last day we went at the land mine museum; we learned a lot about them. We had a tour by an American volunteer who told us about the history of the famous man who cleared 50,000 land mines, and how the Khmer Rouge army would use children to place land mines, but they also found other objects for instance a rocket lancer which shot down commercial airplanes and learned many people would pay thousands of dollars just to have them destroyed.
And that is it for Cambodia!

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