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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Botanical Garden of Singapore

We should have left two hours ago, but we were sleepy. Though it is just nine o’clock it is already hot and muggy. At the Botanical Garden we choose a way to cross it and walk pass a mahogany tree protected by a lightning protection system, a lake with white swans, the bonsai exhibit, to arrive at the gem: the orchids. 
What are orchids? Symbiotic plants, they need a fungus to help with gathering the water. They have three sepals and three petals (one different from the other, called labellum=lip), one stigma and stamina. They live mostly in the tropical areas, but you can find them where is cold, in Patagonia (a region across South America) or close to Antarctica. They are used in food or perfume industry (vanilla), in traditional medicine, grown by inveterate botanists for their diversity, or for their beautiful flowers. 
The alley takes us along flowerbeds in which clumps of orchids show their colorful heads.

Some have names, some don’t. 

Some are named after V.I.P. others are not. 

Some are by themselves, some are grouped in contrasting colors. 

Some are in the sun, some are shaded. 

Here are some pictures of some of the flowers.

Maybe you will enjoy some. 

Vanda Miss Joaqim was elected national flower for its' beauty,  resilience and year-round blooming quality.

Dendrobium Margaret Thatcher

Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana
Renanthera Paloma Picaso

Mokara Chao Praya Dot Com

Aren't they awesome?

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  1. Minunatiile naturii. Splendid. O paleta a frumusetii care nu are egal in lumea facuta de om. Este cadoul lui Dumnezeu ca sa ne bucure, sa ne aline, sa ne incinte.


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