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Monday, September 10, 2012

Awesome Days in Prague

We spent about four days in Prague. We actually did interesting activities for two of them (well, rather, we did activities).

September 8th was my name day. We walked around Prague, saw the enormous clock that hangs up and shows the saints that are celebrated on each day.

It was quite cool-looking… whenever it rang the entire thing was rather melodramatic. I felt a bit let-down because after all the fanfare… all the hour hand does is officially move to 11 o'clock. It's a very strange ending to what everyone tells you is absolutely fantastic.

We also went to Golden Lane to see the tiny peoples' houses, built into the wall. It was absolutely fantastic, with little itsy bitsy things and attics and… I could totally live in one of these houses.

Look at the little tables and chairs, and all the dainty objects… of course my house would also probably have less objects.

This is about 75% of the space.
By the alchemist's house, THEY were sick of seeing houses. I could have gone on a lot longer.
We went to the Jewish sector to see the synagogues and other 'museums' located around there.

It was very sunny.

On Sunday (we reached Prague on Friday), we went to the Mucha museum.

Alphonse Mucha defined the Art Nouveau style. His art is absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to show pictures… but if you google 'Alphonse Mucha' you should be able to see quite a few of his posters and paintings.

Alphonse Mucha also designed the enormous stained glass window in the St. Vitus Cathedral (in Prague). I think it is the most beautiful stained glass window I have ever seen.

This is a very small part of that.

On Monday, Dad and Ileana go to Kutna Hora, which has a church decorated entirely with human bones. Fascinating. I didn't want to go at all. Bones are very interesting, but only when you don't see them. Ileana, however, enjoyed it. I think she has this thing about anatomy and learning to draw strange objects. I remember a phase she had when she'd draw bleeding hearts with skulls inside of them. It was creepy to me, but the skull was always done quite well.

She was absolutely determined to see the Church of Bones.

And with this last paragraph, I'll end the post.

We sat down in Prague right after dinner one day and decided where we'd go after Mikonos (a lovely little island in Greece).

And we've mostly decided. 3 weeks more on Greece, 3 weeks in Italy, we go to Egypt and Jordan or Istanbul, and then reach Romania about a week before my birthday (give or take a few days).

Also... we practiced doing hairflips. Here's my favorite:

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