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Friday, January 6, 2012

7 Steps To Successfully Send A Package From India

1. Bring your open package so it can be checked for dangerous objects at one window.
2. Close the package.
3. Go to window number two. Here it is put in a cardboard box, sealed with official post office tape, wrapped in cloth, sewn by hand with needle and thread, then sealed again over the stitches by two people who move very slowly.

4.Take it to window number three. Weigh it. Write the address and customs declaration (two times!)
5.Head back to number two, where he folds the customs declarations to the width of the package and tapes each and every one of them. 
6. Go back to number three to pay. Your receipt is printed on a dot matrix printer. 
7. They stick the labels on your package and you are good to go. 
It only takes half an hour if there is no one in line!


  1. Well, they don't have to ask the dumb question, "Has anyone else handled the package?" Wishing you continued wonderful adventures.

  2. Sending a package is truly 'an experience' unto itself in India, among many other 'experiences'!


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