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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Bottom of India

"What day are we at the bottom of India?" asks Ileana on Sunday night. I have been reading for a couple of hours about Kerala and how to organize our last few days here. I made a plan. "What bottom of India? What do you mean?" I answer. "The last point in the South of India." "What?!!!!" I ask not believing my ears. "You know the point where you can see the sunset over three oceans at the same time? I thought we were going there" replies my wife innocently. She goes on to explain how she read about this place and since our plan was to "cross India from North to South" she always thought that we would be going there. She admits that she never mentioned that to me. She is talking about Kanyakumari, at least four hundred kilometers from where I thought we would be going. She shows me what she read, I look in Lonely Planet, we look on the map, I explain to her how difficult if not impossible is for us to get there in such a short time. She is ready to give up, but she has already planted the seed, it sounds so interesting. When will we have this chance again?

In the next couple of hours we have a plan, a decision has been made; we will give it one good shot. There is a train at 3 am passing through Kochi, if we can get on that we will go. I buy the train tickets and I go to bed, tomorrow we have to get up early.

We left our hotel in Mysore at 8 am. After a four hour smooth ride we get to the airport in Bangalore, the plane leaves in time and we arrive in Kochi very soon, the plane had to circle a couple of times because the airport only opened at 3.20 pm. There is a prepaid taxi booth in the airport, but my destination (the closest train station) is too close, they only want over 17 km. I would have to pay double to get a cab. We stay a minute on the side walk and I just want to verify "do we keep the plans from last night or we just go to Alleppey" (our first destination). Ileana "is a little tired" and the children want on the boat and have to do school. "What do you want?" I am asked and my answer is "whatever you want."

I am left trying to cancel the train tickets to recover some money and the trip to the bottom of India is postponed for an indefinite time.

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