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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bali, Bruises, New Jobs, the Middle Ages, Sprite, Rumpelstiltskin, and Oh, By the Way, Lydia is Awesome.

Let's start in order—Bali.

Bali's pretty cool. Everyone's nice and friendly and proposes marriage to you. They ask for your name and give you theirs, shake your hand and ask where you're from, tell you you're pretty and that they hope to see you again soon. Occasionally, someone will try to sell you something. But they don't compliment you, usually. They just try to sell it to you.


We went surfing and I got bruises on my knees, my hips, my head, my arms, my elbows, my everywheres. Not that you can see them. But they're there. Hiding. Invisible. This is because we went surfing
(more on that at "Oh, By the Way, Lydia is Awesome."). I also have very sore feet because at Jati 3, where we're staying, they have rocks arranged in beautiful patterns—beautiful, painful patterns. Now, if I'd wear shoes on occasion, I probably wouldn't mind so much.

New Jobs.

At Candidasa, one of the first places we stayed, I was given a new job. Every time Maria complained about not wanting to see this or that because we'd already seen some version of it somewhere else, we would threaten her with me. If she persisted, I would make a scene and "embarrass the family!!!!!" This is done, of course, for the simple pleasure of freaking Maria out about the family's honor. We have yet to put this plan in action though. Until then, Daddy will keep on yelling, "WE LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!" at the mere mention of his name or, if no-one should mention his name, ingest an unfair amount of rice wine, beer, and alcoholic welcome drinks and be cheerful.

This only happened once at the Sagitarius restaurant. Needless to say, Maria was not pleased and spent quite an amount of time shushing him. I shushed him too, but so did the rest of us at some point or another. Maria just did it 3,019,823,783 times more.

The Middle Ages.

For years now, Ioan, myself, and our friend Eric have had a comic in the works. I've taken advantage of the less time (read as: no time) spent on school and have used it to work on various details—what Jenny looks like, who Theo is, details about the Elves and their tribes, Shades's history, and even *legasp* learning anatomy. Kind of. Barely. Frankly, I'm too turned off by the gigantic pile of failure me + full body is, so I don't too much try. But the moment I finish this sketchpad (soon, judging by the remaining three pages) I will try harder. Oh, but I have a vague idea of what their clothing is and I'm learning about the Middle Ages and their stuff, so I'm improving. But there is no way on earth that I will be learning architecture until I get home, so I haven't improved that much.


The We're Going Anyway family and I are, as you probably by now know, rather good friends who meet up occasionally. We met up yesterday with them and ate at Bendi restaurant again (which, after what just may be the shortest trip I have ever made to a bathroom ever, I don't want to visit ever again. Seeing paintings of boars... copulating... is in a lewd way, sorta funny in a family restaurant, but people? In the bathroom? Thanks, but no thanks). As usual, Meena Badeena, Tin Tin, and Snowy were congregating around Ioan and his miraculous iTouch before, during, and after eating. Then, when Ioan shut it off for a moment, they all came to me for my attention and to talk me into a really bad southern accent.

"Oh mah wurd, luck at that fleahwur ovur there in the midul of the table. In't that the durned purtiest fleahwur you done e'er seen afore? I think that's a real purty fleahwur. Oh mah wurd, and luck at that keeeeyout li'l gurl! Ain't she cute? Y'all kean thank wut ya lahk, but I thank that she just may be the keeyoutest li'l gurl I e'er seen in mah lahf."

You have no idea how many times they made me repeat that. Over and over and over again. And they still found it funny.

Ioan was slightly hurt by the fact that their interest in him extended only to his iTouch (you have no idea how much control he has over them just by threatening to permanently remove Aralon from their lives) and pointed out a fact that was glaringly obvious to us and not so obvious to them—iTouch on = Ioan. iTouch off = Ileana. If I'd have had my iTouch, they'd have divided their time between us, but Tin Tin had said that it was okay that I hadn't brought it.

Anyway, another glaringly obvious fact is that they are always so nice and quiet with Ioan (because they're watching a teeny tiny screen), but are so damn hyper with me (probably because with me, the only options are doing physical things. This is sad. I hate hyper things and physical activities. I was always the kid to sit down and draw, or come up with stories, or read, or watch TV, or chill at the computer, or something. That's why I never joined the softball team [that, and I am a baseball fan. Baseball. Why Ioan got invited to baseball in kindergarden and I did not, I do not know, but I have yet to forgive the elementary school's administration])

Another good reason why they were so hyper was because Ioan gave them Sprite. Which they never drink. Like, ever. For a reason. Because little kids + sugar = the apocalypse. It's simple math and yet the math whiz didn't see it. And he let them have quite a bit, the stupid monkey.

Thankfully, Ioan turned his iTouch back on and they left in peace with Tin Tin's shuffle, where I listened to Eva Cassidy for a while.


Ioan: Guess what?
Ileana: What?
Ioan: I have a name.
Ileana: Cool.
Ioan: And you will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever guess it!
Ileana: Rumpelstiltskin.
Ioan: What? No!!
Ileana: *laughs*
Ioan: But you know, there's a giant gap in that story.
Ileana: What?
Ioan: How did she, out of all the names, pick Rumpelstiltskin? which, by the way, is not a recognized word.
Ileana: *blink blink* So, on the night of the second day, Rumpelstiltskin was dancing around the fire, singing about how the Queen would never guess his name because it was Rumpelstiltskin. And there's this guy, and he's in the forest and he's watching Rumpelstiltskin dance around and singing about how his name is Rumpelstiltskin. So he goes to the Queen and he tells her that the dude's name is Rumpelstiltskin.

Oh, By the Way, Lydia is Awesome.

Well, she has to be, if the first time I managed to actually stand up on a surfboard and not fall on my butt I get off and sing "Look at me now. Look at me now. I'm gettin' paper~~~"

Yeah that's right, we went surfing :) It was so great I actually broke my self-imposed rule of no emoticons and stuck one in.

We had this instructor named Haki and he was really nice and asked a lot of questions about Romania. And I kept needing Ioan to translate for me, but he wasn't actually translating just giving the same advice.

But yeah, we had awesome fun and I will even break another habit—my reluctance to learn how to put photos in blogposts.

Before surfing :)

You do not believe how much I had to insist on this photo.
Look at that muscle definition!! Why can't I have muscle definition too? Do you realize how awesome my arms would be if they were toned? But no, I'm all soft and curvy.

And after

Us with Haki—he loves you <3


  1. Really? Sprite? That explains a lot!!!
    Those surfing photos are wonderful!
    We miss you all!!

    1. We miss you too! Thank you!

    2. I now totally understand why our parents never gave us Sprite-- not that I noticed the kids acting super-hyper, but Ileana was really worn out. XD

      Hugs and kisses to everyone!

  2. Yes, I am awesome!! I miss you guys, the photos are great!



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